Kenyan Visa for Costa Rican citizens

Kenyan Visa for Costa Rican citizens

Kenyan Visa for Costa Rican citizens

    Kenya is currently participating in the visa waiver program with the aim of increasing tourism in its country. The program consists of granting an electronic travel authorization to citizens of certain countries, such as Costa Rica, allowing them to stay in the country for 90 days.

As a result, citizens who are interested in exploring the country for tourism, enjoying a wonderful vacation or attending a business conference can easily do so without having to deal with a lot of legal documents at the embassy.

Everything Costa Rican citizens should know about an e-Visa to Kenya

You might be wondering, though, how does a Costa Rican citizen obtain an e-visa to Kenya? This is the best part of the whole program, you just have to fill out an application, which consists of a form where you provide all the data regarding the traveler, from names, phone numbers, to the mail and the passport number needed to travel to Kenya.

During this process, it is completely necessary to check if you have correctly entered all the data to avoid the application being delayed.

Nevertheless, the service generates certain costs which, in the same way, can be paid with a credit card in the same interface where the application has been filled.

From now on, you only have to wait for an e-mail where you will be given the answer regarding the approval of the travel authorization to Kenya. If the response for the e-visa to Kenya is affirmative, Costa Rican citizens will be able to travel using only their passport and the electronic travel authorization.

On the other hand, it is important to note that, when referring to a business travel authorization, the citizen is entitled to attend conferences or business events, as well as to dictate or organize such events.

If the goal is to import products from Kenya to your country, other regulations in the country are in charge of ruling this type of businesses, where it is up to the citizen to become aware of such restrictions before making the trip or, on the contrary, the investment; aiming at avoiding inconveniences during your travel.

               The visa waiver program also covers cases when the Costa Rican traveler has a final destination other than Kenya, but the flight makes a shortstop in the country.

A transit e-visa to Kenya will allow the citizen to stay in Kenya for a period of 24 hours while waiting for the next flight to another destination. Thus, the person may stay at a Kenyan hotel, visit a restaurant, or perhaps go to a tourist place while waiting.

Although you should be very cautious and not exceed the time limit you have with your authorization.

When is the best time of the year for a Costa Rican citizen to travel to Kenya?

There are two key reasons to travel to Kenya, the first is from January to March and the second from July to October.

Those are the months of the year with the best weather conditions where you can enjoy safaris, observe the migration of wild animals such as wildebeests or zebras, have picnics in the beautiful beaches of Kenya, enjoy the warm temperature when visiting the most famous places of the country, among other activities that can only be done when there is no rainy season.


What language should a Costa Rican traveler speak while in Kenya?

The official language of Kenya is Swahili but has English as a second language, due to the great influence of tourists. So it would be very important if you reinforce your English before traveling to be able to communicate clearly with Kenyan citizens.

Although it is recommended, that you speak English slowly because Kenyan people are very kind but many times they are shy when it comes to speaking English.

Getting an e-visa to Kenya is an incredible opportunity because it is the only place in the world where you will find the paradisiacal landscapes, the immense amount of wild animals in their natural habitat like leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, giraffes, buffaloes, zebra, hippopotamus.

You will meet people with fantastic stories and a culture that will surely leave you amazed.

Going on holiday to Kenya is to ensure adventure, exploration, and lots of fun.

Kenyan visa for Costa Rican citizens

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