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The price charged may vary and will be provided at the last page (the fee covers the costs of the immigration service). According to art. 9 par. 2 letter a and art. 10 of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016 (Official Journal of the European Union UE L 119 of 05/04/2016) I agree to processing the personal data concerning sex, health and information on convictions and violations of law or related security measures for the performance of the contract of visa agency by international visa service llc lp.
Basic info

Your date of departure to Kenya requires RUSH Processing and will be prioritised to be processed first but it is mandatory to contact us directly after your application is submitted. All contact information will be provided after submission.

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Have you been previously denied entry into Kenya? If yes state when and give reasons for denial.
Have you been previously denied entry into another Country? If yes state when and give reasons for denial.
Have you ever been convicted of any offence under any system of law? If yes give offense and penalty?
Are you bringing into the Republic of Kenya currency or monetary instruments over $5,000.00 US (or foreign equivalent)?
Do you have travel insurance?
Are you currently suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) or have been in contact with a person with Tuberculosis?
Would you like to add travel insurance?
Insurance conditions
  • Cover of medical expenses up to € 250 000
  • Includes COVID-19 infection and quarantine
  • Mandatory quarantine and self-isolation up to € 2 000
  • Protection if your luggage or possessions are lost, stolen or damaged.

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Application received - but your date of travel is sooner than the minimum processing time. Emergency rush visa service may be available - contact our visa support team as soon as possible via:

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