You’re about to embark on your dream vacation in Kenya. You’ve got the perfect itinerary planned out, you obtained your electronic visa to Kenya, and you can’t wait to finally arrive in the African paradise! But before that happens, there is one more thing, an important form that must be completed before departure: the Health Surveillance Form to Kenya. Read on and find out what this COVID-19-related obligatory document is and how you can obtain it entirely online.

What is Health Surveillance Form to Kenya?

Following other countries, the Kenyan authorities have introduced an official travel-related questionnaire enabling entry to the country, at the same time minimalizing the risk of the COVID-19 spread.

The Kenyan Health Surveillance Form is a very helpful document since it contains all relevant information concerning travelers’ health status and the countries they have visited recently.

Moreover, the form functions as some kind of communication means. Since travelers must provide contact details, the Kenyan officials can quickly contact them if they have contacted a coronavirus-infected person. This way, a traveler can immediately start the quarantine, and the risk of spreading new coronavirus cases can be minimized.

How to apply for the Kenyan Health Surveillance Form?

You can complete the Kenya Health Surveillance Form from home with just a few clicks. It’s easy, and usually takes a couple of minutes! You will only need an internet-accessed electronic device for this process and go through three steps, which are as follows:

  1. Filling out all the boxes of the health form with true and correct details.
  2. Paying the processing fee.
  3. Checking the QR code generated immediately upon completion of the form.

Once you receive your QR code, download it and save it on your electronic device. It will be necessary to enter Kenya.

Kenyan Health Surveillance Form requirements

Kenyan Health Surveillance Form requires providing the following details:

  • personal details (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, etc.)
  • planned arrival date in Kenya
  • intended destination city in Kenya
  • flight details (airline, flight number, seat number)
  • passport details
  • email address
  • answering questions related to the COVID-19-like symptoms
  • accommodation and contact details to the traveler’s contact person

All requirements to enter Kenya

  1. All visitors arriving in Kenya need to have a valid coronavirus PCR test confirming the negative result (it must be in English). The test must be taken 96 hours in advance of a trip. Test requirements do not apply to children under 5 who as well as crew members.
  2. All passengers traveling to Kenya must fill out the Kenyan Health Surveillance Form and receive a QR code. This code will be required to present at the airport when crossing the Kenyan borders. The health form is currently obligatory for all visitors, with single exceptions.
  3. All travellers will also be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.

Current restrictions in Kenya

  • Kenyan public transportation is operating without any limitations.
  • Restaurants can be opened in compliance with governmental health protocols, incl. maintaining social distance, curfew starting at 10 pm (local time).
  • Kenya maintains the ban on public or political gatherings.
  • Citizens of Kenya, as well as foreign visitors, are recommended to avoid crowded places.