Kenyan Visa for Argentine citizens

Kenyan Visa for Argentine citizens

Kenyan Visa for Argentine citizens

What is E-visa to Kenya?

E-visa to Kenya, or simply Evisa Kenya is an electronic authority issued by the Kenyan government to foreign nationals to permit them to visit and stay in Kenya.

The E-visa is a document of authority and is mandatory for a foreign national intending to enter Kenya.

Who requires an E-visa to Kenya?

An E-visa is a mandatory document for any foreign citizen wishing to visit Kenya. All citizens from other countries must have an E-visa to Kenya unless they are exempted as per rules.


How to get a Kenyan visa for Argentine citizens?

It’s pretty simple and easy to get a Kenyan visa for Argentine citizens. Citizens of Argentina are entitled to get E-visas to Kenya. You can get the visa online by visiting the E-visa to Kenya website.

Note that it’s mandatory for citizens of Argentina to have the following:

Valid passport

Unless you have a valid passport, you cannot apply for the visa for Kenya online. It’s also important that the passport must have validity not less than six months from the date when the passport holder reaches Kenya.

You will need a copy of your digital photograph (the picture must depict your face clearly and you should not wear colored/dark spectacles or hat/cap. The Kenyan E-visa will be emailed to your email address in PDF format.

Payment mode

You can make the payment using different payment methods such as debit/credit card, PayPal, etc

The validity of E-visa

An E-visa is issued to be valid for three months prior to the date of your arrival in Kenya.

How long can you stay in Kenya?

The E-visa to Kenya is valid for three months. As soon as you enter the immigration control point in Kenya, you are allowed to stay there for not more than 90 days.

What is the entry type?

The E-visa is issued for single entry to eligible foreign nationals for the purpose of tourism, business or medical reasons.

How long does your passport have to be valid for?

Note that you must have a valid passport. The passport must have a validity of six months from the date when you enter the territories of Kenya. This is non-negotiable.

When to apply for Evisa?

You can apply for E-visa to Kenya at any time in the year. However, you must ensure you apply for it three months before you reach Kenya.

Is it possible to overstay in Kenya?

No. Overstay is not permissible in Kenya. If you do overstay, you may be declared undesirable. This may entail severe consequences inflicted by the authorities.

How long does it take to apply for Kenyan tourist e-visa?

It’s pretty easy to apply for Kenyan tourist E-visa. You may visit our website and take help. Keep your documents like one passport photograph, your valid passport with a blank page, debit/credit card (MasterCard/Visa).

  • When you apply for E-visa to Kenya, take the help of our website. You’ll reap several benefits.
  • Our website is live round the clock and all the days of the week throughout the year. You can also avail of support on phone all days of the week.
  • Before your application is submitted to the government, your application is examined by our trained and experienced visa experts. This will ensure your application is flawless. Verification and validation are handled by your experts.
  • Our website is secure and safe. We don’t share, sell or use your data like user Ids, email Ids with third parties.
  • Our website is SSL enabled and therefore, your data are protected against any illicit sneakers into the website. We’ll help you out to get an E-visa to Kenya so that you can reach there without any hassles. You can apply for the visa to stay in the comfort of your home.

Kenyan Visa for Argentine Citizens

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