Kenyan Visa for Algerian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Algerian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Algerian citizens

Algerian citizens travel to Kenya

Kenya is the essence of Africa, and it is the world’s second-largest continent after Asia. Kenya combines the ever-changing geographical features of Africa with the land in one country. In this vast land, they have diverse ethnic groups, a variety of wild animals, and colorful deep-water creatures.

Every year from July to October, a great natural spectacle will be staged here, that is, the world-famous animal migration to MasaiMara.

In addition to animals, visitors can have the opportunity to learn to dive, the ripple in the azure blue underwater world, watch a variety of coral reefs and numerous marine creatures, and countless tropical fish species up close in Kenyan waterfront.

Of course, diving requires specialized training. If the instructor approves your driving skills, you can get an “International Diving Certificate” recognized in the world.

The beautiful Indian Ocean on the southeastern coast of Kenya is also a rare fishing spot for tourists, and there are precious fish resources in this ocean.

Visitors can take a fully equipped small fishing boat, or if they are interested, they can take an ancient sailboat to go fishing. The countless tropical fish in the ocean that may not be called at all make you return with a full load.

When you set foot on the continent of Kenya, you will know that Kenya is not only rich in animals, breathtaking beauty, but also gives you an irreplaceable memory on the journey of life.

Kenyan e-Visa types and required documents

  • There are three types of Kenyan eVisa, which are Transit eVisa, Tourist eVisa, and Business eVisa.
  • Each type of eVisa is for one single entry.
  • The prices are the same and they cost 99 EUR. The length of stay is different. Visitors who take transit eVisa can stay in Kenya up to 72 hours and head to other countries; visitors who hold tourist eVisa and business eVisa can stay in Kenya up to 90 days and leave before the expiry date.
  • If applicants want to stay longer in this beautiful country, they can extend their visa. The extension of eVisa can be requested in Kenya, and additional fees will be charged.

The required documents for Algerian citizens include personal passport, photo if they would like to apply tourist eVisa.
However, if they intend to come to Kenya for Business, then the additional invitation is required.

On the other hand, if they would like to stay in Kenya less than 72 hours just for transit, a copy of the onward ticket is mandatory.
The validity of the passport must be longer than six months from the date when you enter Kenya.

The photo should be taken with a simple background. For minors and children with age below 16 are exempted from the visa. A valid Algerian passport is a must at the borders.

How to apply for Evisa using our service

Worrying about getting your eVisa to Kenya for your trip? Evisa Express carefully designed the website into a simplified version with multiple languages. You can get your eVisa with few easy steps.

By clicking “APPLY ONLINE FOR AN EVISA” on the home page and select the eVisa type with your need, following the steps and submitting the required documents, the results of your application will be sent to you by mail within three days.

The final processing time may be longer depending on the Department of Immigration of Kenya. We suggest you apply as soon as possible to prevent the delay.

e-Visa to Kenya is the best selection for Algerian citizens

Let’s take a special trip to Kenya! Just carry your backpack, go to the prairie, the beach, experience the mother nature under the sunshine. Leave the part of applying for an electronic visa to Evisa Express.

Our well-trained team provides high standards of services for applicants. Strictly checks the form before forwarding to the government for you to reduce unnecessary issues, which will save time and increase the chance of success for the electronic visa.

The last but the most important, as long as applicants have any questions or doubts, you can contact our team through the customer service line during our working hours, we will provide you with the professional advice and efficient response.

Kenyan Visa for Algerian citizens

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