Kenyan Visa for Danish citizens

Kenyan Visa for Danish citizens

Kenyan Visa for Danish citizens

Are you thinking of going to Kenya for your holiday with your Danish passport? If yes, you should know more about Kenyan E-visa.

Applying for eVisa is the most time-efficient design for applicants who can use it for submitting application, payment, and collection.
All- in- one convenient online visa application service saves time for travelers.

To apply for permission to enter Kenya, you will have to submit a form with personal data, travel details also with a copy of the passport and photo through the online system. The whole process of issuing the permit takes up to 72 hours after the submission.

The final processing time may be longer, depending on the Department of Immigration of Kenya.It is advised to apply for eVisa 15 days before departure for Kenya.

Kenyan e-Visa types and required documents

There are three types for a different purpose, and all of them are meant for single entry

  • Every kind of eVisa has a different length of stay, and you should apply for it according to your needs
  • However, the prices are the same, which is 99 EUR per application
  • The required documents include a copy of the passport, personal data page and a photo of the applicant
  • Any electronic devices can take the passport copy. However, the information should be easily read without any reflection.
  • The personal photo does not need to be professional.
  • Please make sure your passport has more than six months validity if you do not want to get unnecessary inconvenience at the border

Transit eVisa: Passengers who want to travel to other countries and plan for a short stay less than 72 hours in Kenya. The validity of the eVisa is 72 hours from the date of entry. The entry date must be given in the online form. A copy of the onward ticket is also necessary.

Tourist eVisa: This type of eVisa is suitable for travelers who plan to stay in Kenya for touring and visiting. The validity of the eVisa is up to 90 days from the date of issuance and must leave before the expiry date. The extension of eVisa can be requested while in Kenya and will be charged the additional fees.

Business eVisa: People are allowed to stay up to 90 days for the business trip, such as meetings or exhibitions. The eVisa is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance and must exit the country before the expiry date. The extension of eVisa can be requested while in Kenya, and the additional fees are required.

Please note:

1. Travelers with the age of sixteen and below do not need to apply an eVisa, only a valid passport is required at the borders.
2. E-Visa prohibits the recognition of approved commercial activities and illegal work for those who don’t apply Business eVisa.
3. Emergency passports and EU-Emergency Travel Documents (ETD) issued by Denmark are not accepted for entry into Kenya.
4. People with Danish Alien passports must apply for a visa before traveling to Kenya.

Kenyan e-Visa process

Applying for an eVisa to Kenya can be so eas and you can get it with simple steps. By clicking “APPLY ONLINE FOR AN EVISA” on the main page, select the type of eVisa you would like to apply and follow the steps to submit the required documents and complete the payment.
The result of the application will be sent to your inbox within 72 hours by email.

Benefits of applying e-Visa through Evisa Express

Time is money! To save time and reduce the inconvenience caused during your travel. Our experienced team provides the best advice for all travelers in multiple languages by phone and email with a quick response.

Furthermore, we are repeatedly verifying the accuracy of the data and the necessary documents before forwarding the forms to the government to reduce the rejection of issuing the eVisa.

Without a doubt, our specialists will send you an email notifying you if there’s an issue with your application. Whenever you have visa-related questions, you are always welcome to reach our customer service team, which has the most professional knowledge and up to date with the latest information.

Kenyan Visa for Danish citizens

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