Kenyan Visa for Egyptian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Egyptian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Egyptian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Egyptian citizens

Are you ready to spend your vacation with the wildlife and natural scenes in Kenya? But still, dont know how to apply for a visa? Just let the most professional team handle it for you.

Kenya had fully implemented electronic visas (eVisa) in September 2015.

All Egyptian citizens who have a valid passport are allowed to apply Kenyan eVisa. It is an electronic authorization document that allows all passengers to enter Kenya.

Electronic visas are issued through the internet, which helps the government departments to improve the efficiency of examination and approval, also provides convenience for applicants.

When applying for an eVisa, the applicants need to fill in personal information through the website (E-Visa to Kenya) and pay the visa fee. Then, your application process will be reviewed by the specialists.

The procedure of the eVisa takes up to 72 hours after the submission, and the result of the application will be known and sent to you within 72 hours by mail.

Final processing time may be longer depending on the Department of Immigration of Kenya. It is advised to apply for eVisa as soon as possible before your departure to Kenya.

Required documents for Kenya eVisa

Each applicant should notice the requirements before applying:

A photocopy of passport: All applicants are required to submit the scan of the page with personal data from the passport. The passport needs to be confirmed at least six months longer during your stay in Kenya. There are no strict rules for the copy; however, it must be legible.
A personal photo: Every applicant must provide his own picture while applying. There’s no need to take the photo by professional; however, your photo should be formal with a plain background. The photo will not be on the final approval, but it will be in the system so the Customs can still confirm your data.
Return Ticket/ Onward ticket: The requirements are specially for people who apply the Transit eVisa. The purpose is to prove that you are not staying in Kenya for longer than 72 hours.
Business invitation: If you intend to enter Kenya for Business purposes, such as attending meetings or participate in exhibitions. Then a business invitation or the registration of the company is required.
Valid email address: Please make sure the email is valid and provided correctly in the online form.

The result will be sent by email, and our specialist may contact you if it’s necessary.

Types of Kenyan e-Visa

To apply permission to enter Kenya, you have to submit the required documents and your personal data through the online system. The cost of the eVisa to Kenya is 99 EUR (per application).

Every kind of eVisa has a different length of stay. Please read the conditions below carefully.

Transit eVisa: Passengers who stay less than 72 hours in Kenya then head to other countries. The validity of the eVisa is 72 hours from the day you enter the country. The validity will be written on the approved eVisa. A copy of the onward ticket is also necessary.
Tourist eVisa: For those travelers who plan to visit Kenya. The validity of the eVisa is up to 90 days from the date of issuance.
Business eVisa: Businessmen are allowed to stay up to 90 days for a business trip, such as participate in exhibitions, workshops, corporate events, conferences, and meetings. The validity of the eVisa is the same as tourist eVisa, which is up to 90 days from the date of issuance.

Please note:
1. Passengers with age sixteen and below, only a valid passport is required while entering Kenya. There is no need to apply for an eVisa.
2. The extension of eVisa can be requested in Kenya, and the additional fees are required. Please contact the local immigration department for details.

Benefits of applying E-Visa through Evisa Express

Do not let the complication to stop you from traveling. Let Evisa Express take care of your trip. Leave the eVisa to Kenya to our most professional team.

Our team provides you with the top quality service, not only tailoring your visa according to your needs but also repeatedly reviewing your documents and data.

Our main goal is to help you to reduce the inconveniences for your trip and saves your precious time. If you have any questions about the eVisa, you are welcome to contact us to enjoy enthusiastic and high-quality services.

Kenyan Visa for Egyptian citizens

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