Kenyan Visa for Indonesian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Indonesian citizens

Kenyan Visa for Indonesian citizens

Kenya is one of the most recognizable countries in Africa. It is often called the symbol of the entire continent. All thanks to the varied landscapes and the possibility of having the best safari in the world.

Meeting face to face with the planet’s most dangerous mammals is not the only attraction of this land.
But before we start to look for the best holiday offer and air ticket, every traveler has to check if the nationality in their passport is on the list of eligible countries who apply for eVisa.

An electronic travel authorization is obligatory to enter the country’s territory. It is good to mention that such a convenient way of getting a visa was not always available but it is now.


Does the Indonesian passport holder require an electronic travel authorization?

For precisely five years, there is a possibility to obtain Kenya eVisa. The Kenyan government introduced such a method to accelerate getting a document that allows entering the country.

It is connected with the vast numbers of tourists that are coming to spend their holiday in this tropical country.

Such activity taken by the government of Kenya makes the application process hassle-free, especially that there is no need to making an appointment in the embassy and going through complex procedures.

There are 3 easy steps if you will use the most recommended website for Evisa for Kenya, where you are going to get full support from the eVisa specialists.

The first step it to fill in the application form with the pieces of information like applicant name, surname, date of birth, passport details, marital status, e-mail address.

It is essential to attach a scan of your passport bio-data page and the photo of the traveler, which does not have to be professional, but not older than six months.

In the next step, it is necessary to proceed with the payment via credit card, PayPal, or another possible way.

What are the types of Kenyan e-Visa available to apply online?

As you have fulfilled all the necessary information, now you need to choose the type of your electronic travel authorization document.
If you are going on vacation or visiting relatives, you require tourist e-visa.

The validity of the e-Visa is up to 90 days from the approval date, and stay can not exceed 3 months from the date of crossing the border.

The extension of eVisa can be requested while in Kenya and will be charged the additional fees.

When you are planning a business meeting or attending an exhibition, you should submit business eVisa, which also allows for a stay up to 90 days with single entry and validity for three months.

It is important to remember that such type requires additional documents as an invitation letter issued by the Kenyan company.

The last type of electronic visa that was prepared by the Kenyan government is transit eVisa.

It is mainly for travelers who want only to transfer to other countries via Kenya and plan to stay for less than 72 hours.

The validity of the is 72 hours from the date of entry, and this date must be given in the online application form. Transit eVisa requires to attach a copy of the onward ticket that is necessary.

At the arrival, it is essential to have a valid passport for a minimum of six months and a printed copy of your Kenya eVisa, which will be sent on your mailbox after approval. The processing time usually takes up to two weeks, so please remember to apply in advance.


Why is Kenya such a popular destination?

When we say Kenya, we think ‘safari.’ Perhaps no other place on the planet conjures up such an adventurous spirit. The variety of attractions dazzles everyone who visits Kenya, and the abundance of nature delights many a time. Meet the elephant face to face in Amboseli.

Visit the fantastic island of Lamu. In these lands, ancient tribes such as the Maasai, Kikuyu, and Samburu, retain their traditional customs, living in relative harmony with the natural world.

In addition to world-famous national parks, you will find many coastal treasures here.
You can dive into fish-rich coral reefs, relax on pearly beaches, experience a melting pot of cultures and flavors, and discover tropical islands steeped in Swahili history.

Kenyan Visa for Indonesian citizens

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