Kenyan Visa for Moroccan citizens

Kenyan Visa for Moroccan citizens

Kenyan Visa for Moroccan citizens

The Kenyan visa system is amongst one of the most applicants adjusted in the world.

It has been changed in such a way that each person with a device with Internet access and a few spare minutes will be able to complete a form.

There is no need for your sending your documents in the physical form to any Embassies or consulates.

All the essential information and documentation will be requested from you in a digital form. This way, you get to obtain a legible electronic Kenyan visa for Moroccan citizens without ever having to leave your house.

This method authorizes business visitors, those who plan on transiting through the country, and tourists to obtain an electronic visa instead of a regular one.

When an eVisa is granted, it authorizes travel to the country without having to worry about additional charges or documentation. The customs officials will only request you to provide them with an approved document in a physical form (printed out) and your passport.

What kind of documentation should I prepare while applying as a tourist, business visitor, or a transitioner for an electronic Kenyan visa for Moroccan citizens, and what are the requirements?

Regardless of their nationality, each person who plans on crossing the Kenyan border should apply for additional authorization. Citizens of certain countries, which have been included in the visa-exempt (such as Morocco), are entitled to use online.

Each passport holder needs to enroll in a separate application. The only age group that has been exempt from the obligation of obtaining any additional authorization is minors that are 16 years old or younger.

Each person that intends to apply for an electronic visa has to ensure that passport validity exceeds six months (180 days) from the expected entry date to Kenya.

Those who fail to meet the mentioned requirement will be requested to apply for a new passport before submitting their application for an electronic visa to Kenya.

Regardless of the selected purpose of stay in Kenya, each person who wishes to acquire an electronic visa is required to attach two additional documents. The first one is a copy or a scan of the passports’ biodata page.

All four corners need to be visible on the final digital paper, and it has to be free of any glares. The other document that each person applying for an electronic Kenyan visa is a photograph.

It doesn’t have to be a professional photograph, however, it has to the taken on the plain background. Business visitors will also be expected to attach a letter of invitation from a company located in Kenya or a copy of company registration under the applicant’s name.

Those who plan on transiting, apart from the two abovementioned documents, will be expected to attach an onward ticket to their online application form.

What are the steps of applying online for an electronic Kenyan visa for Moroccan citizens?

The process of applying online for an electronic visa has been simplified and adjusted to make obtaining electronic permission as manageable as possible.

The entire form can be completed online within a few minutes.

In the first part, each person will be requested to provide the same details. You can expect to provide information regarding your occupation, address, contact details (email address and phone number), and passport details.

In this part, you will also be obliged to choose the purpose of staying in Kenya, the expected arrival date, and the point of entry.

Each person who wishes to cross the Kenyan border is compelled to choose the exact location of doing so at the stage of applying online for an online visa. The second step consists of the applicant attaching the essential documentation.

The required attachments vary depending on the intended point of entry; however, each person is compelled to provide a passports’ biodata page copy and a photograph of oneself.

In the final step, all applicants can select the most convenient payment method from many of the enlisted on the platform.

Now that you’ve learned how to apply online for an electronic Kenyan visa for Moroccan citizens, what documents are essential and which requirements do you have to keep in mind, use the link and apply online now!


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