Kenyan Visa for UAE citizens

Kenyan Visa for UAE citizens

Kenyan Visa for UAE citizens

Currently, tourism by UAE citizens is focused on visiting beautiful and relaxing places such as beaches or exotic parks, followed by shopping at large malls, visiting museums, performing sports activities so that Kenya, translates into the country that has all the options to make the vacation fun guaranteed.

In Kenya, you can go on excursions or safaris, appreciate wildlife from up close through jeep tours, surround yourself with beautiful natural landscapes such as the Thompson waterfall, travel in a hot air balloon to appreciate the scenery from the skies and undoubtedly create the best holiday memories with your family.

But you need to have an Electronic Travel Authorization to visit the country freely, so in this article, you will find out how to obtain an e-visa to Kenya for UAE citizens.

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization to Kenya?

An e-visa to Kenya is a travel permit issued by the Kenyan government, which allows UAE citizens to enter the country for a period not exceeding 90 days.

The travel permit is useful in those cases in which the person only wants to vacation for a short time so that you do not have the obligation to carry out extensive documentation at the consulate or the airport to visit the country.

It is important to emphasize that obtaining the permit is possible due to a security program established between both countries, which will be maintained over time, as long as the citizens respect the agreement.

How UAE citizens can apply for an e-Visa to Kenya?

UAE citizens to apply for e-visa to Kenya are required to fill out an online form in addition to having a valid passport with two blank pages available.

As far as filling out the form is concerned, it is completely easy to do because it is online, and you only have to fill in data such as your name, date, and place of birth, telephone number, marital status, the reason for travel, date of travel, passport number, among others.

To finish the e-visa application, you only have to pay for the service with your credit card. From this point on, you only have to wait for the receipt confirming that your payment has been made correctly.

The approval of the electronic travel authorization is executed in most cases immediately, although it may take no longer than 72 hours. The approval notification will be sent to your email as well.


How many types of e-Visa to Kenya are there for UAE citizens?

UAE citizens can apply for three types of e-visa to Kenya, and it all depends on the reason for travel.

If the purpose of your visit to Kenya is due to holidays, the e-visa you must apply for is the so-called Kenya Tourist Visa, which allows you to enter the country so that you can enjoy the different excursions, safaris, and visit the different places Kenya has to offer for holidays.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to travel for business, that is, a company is inviting or sponsoring you, you are obliged to apply for a Kenya Business Visa, and in the application form, you must attach a copy of the company’s invitation to the country, to certify that all the data are true.

The e-visa for business is ideal when you are being invited to a conference in Kenya, or you are willing to do business within the country, but your stay in the country cannot exceed 90 days.

Finally, there is a Kenya transit visa, which is used when the person does not travel to Kenya but another country, but the flight stops in Kenya.

The travel authorization will allow the tourist to stay in Kenya for 72 hours, that is, the UAE citizen will be able to leave the airport in case the flight has not yet taken off.

In conclusion, UAE tourists have the great benefit of being able to enjoy an incredible vacation in Kenya through the electronic travel authorization, which offers them 90 days to be in the country and soak up the culture, the exotic natural environments, venture into safaris and meet the wildlife from very close.

Although UAE citizens also have the possibility of visiting the country for business purposes but require an invitation letter from the company involved.

And finally, if you make a stopover in the country, you can arrange the authorization to make a short visit not exceeding 72 hours in Kenya.

Kenyan Visa for UAE citizens

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