What is the weather like in Kenya?

What is the weather like in Kenya?

What is the weather like in Kenya?

Kenya is an East African country which, lies along the equator. To answer the question what is the weather like in Kenya, the weather pattern depend on the topography in each region.

Most parts of the country receive sunshine during the day and cold temperatures during the night. July and August are the coldest months while January to Match are the hottest months.

Kenya experiences two rainy seasons each year. The long rains begin in March in most parts and end in June. Short rain showers are between October to December.


  1. What is the weather condition around the coast?
  2. Weather around Kenya highlands
  3. Low plateau weather conditions
  4. Nairobi weather conditions
  5. Conclusion

What is the weather condition around the coast?

The coastal region around Mombasa and Malindi receives a maximum temperature of 86 and a minimum temperature of 72. This region is What is the weather like in Kenyagenerally hot and humid all the year-round.

The humid and hot temperatures in the coastal region are because of the effect of the Indian Ocean.

As a result, the towns and beaches of Mombasa are filled with tourists from all corners of the world throughout the year. They spend their holidays in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean as they relax in the white sandy beaches. The average annual rainfall is 1,050mm.

Weather around Kenya highlands

The Kenya highlands receive the highest rainfall ranging from 1,740mm to 1,940mm. This includes the Lake Victoria basin.

In fact, lake Victoria basin is the wettest region in the country. This region has an average temperature of 14 to 34 degrees centigrade in What is the weather like in KenyaJanuary and 14 to 30 degrees Celsius in July.

The Luo people are the majority residents around Lake Victoria, and they depend on fishing for their living.

Low plateau weather conditions

The low plateau area is the driest part of the country, and the annual rainfall in this region is 320mm.

The average temperature in this area ranges from 66 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit in January and 66 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit in July.

People of this region greatly depend on relief food from well-wishers since drought can last for many months.

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Nairobi weather conditions

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya located in the temperate highlands of the country. It is a beautiful city with a high population. Nairobi is a What is the weather like in Kenyabusiness center and a tourist destination.

For short time travelers, this is an ideal place to visit and enjoy Kenya culture, history and have some time with the local people as you enjoy African dishes in various hotels that are of very high standards.

This area receives an average rainfall of 790mm per year and an average temperature of 9to 29 in the month of January and 7to 26 in July.


The government of Kenya has a challenge of capitalizing on weather conditions to boost its economy.

Notably, floodwaters in Kenya must be directed to more fruitful uses like watering the semi-arid parts of the country.

Nevertheless, the diverse climate and geography make Kenya an ideal host for nearly any type of investor, one with an eye toward tourism and rental markets, or one for agricultural or even industrial opportunities.

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