Kenyan visa for Bahrainian citizens

Kenyan visa for Bahrainian citizens

Kenyan visa for Bahrainian citizens

The African continent is a land full of history and places that have maintained over time many things that remain striking for all kinds of people.

Within that continent, there is a very interesting country called Kenya, which is located on the Eastern side, but it becomes very attractive for visitors because of its extensive terrain with savannas, lakes, mountains, native vegetation, fauna, and the Rift Valley – a place that everyone wants to know.

To visit this land, there are regulations given by the Kenyan government; in the case of other nationality, you must have a visa. Countries such as Bahrain, which is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is within the list of those who can apply for a visa.

For a Bahrainian citizen obtaining a visa is the first step to visit Kenya. Some permits are given thanks to these such as going to visit, travel as a tourist, or the one that allows you to do business in the country.

It is important to mention that Visas are not only issued in a traditional format, but a modality called E-Visa is also currently being issued, its innovation is that it allows receiving online applicants who are accepted

Types of e-visa

E-Visas represent a new option for Bahrainian citizens as it avoids the use of traditional paper by replacing the filling process with something virtual, which makes the process more dynamic, especially for those in their country of origin.

Similarly, 3 types are identical to the traditional visa format: these are the tourist E-Visa, the transit E-Visa, and the business E-Visa.

Each one has its characteristics according to a requirement.

In the case of the tourist visa, you should know that it is for those countries that require entry to Kenya, as is the case of Bahrain, here the promotion of tourism is sought, in most cases, it is valid for 90 days.

However, there is the possibility of extending due to renewal for a maximum of 180 days so that you can enjoy a little more of the attractions of Kenya.

The transit visa is similar to the previous one but with the particularity of being issued online. To visitors such as the case of Bahrainian citizens who for reasons of travel have a link with Kenya and go to other countries (that is, they are on their way to another place but need to use the airport), there is issued to be there for 3 days.

Finally, there is a business visa, as the name implies, and it is useful for people interested in doing business in Kenya to do so legally and regulated by the government; however, unlike tourism, it is only valid for 3 months.

How to apply for e-visa

To apply for the visa service there are some requirements. You should know that there is a cost for the service and payments derived from the use of the card, however, it is not a single rate.

There are amounts that increase according to the visa requested since in the case of traffic is cheaper because it is for a few days compared to the tourist or business that goes around 90 days.

The Bahrainian citizen interested in the application of the Visa for a single entry to Kenya must include 3 essential requirements.

The first one is the valid travel document, the passport with a minimum blank sheet, and the plane ticket where the date of return to your country is said.

However, for short trips or stopovers, the exit ticket is required on the transit visa so that it can be applied together with a group of documents that vary according to the trip.

If the traveler is a business-oriented person, there are additional requirements that must demonstrate, that the intention is to do something related to it in Kenya, for these cases, the government requests to fill out a form.

Also, to apply for e- visa, you must attach a letter of invitation issued by the host company where the business will be done along with a series of copies of different documents that prove its existence and legality such as copies of the registry.

Last but not least, in the case of tourists, an agenda or itinerary of the trip must be included, as well as evidence of the places where it will be – as hotel reservations.

Also, clear photos of your passport plus the blank sheet of biodata must be included. To comply with the visa process or go to For more information, since with these steps, there is a possibility of access for Bahrainian citizens to visit this beautiful land.

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