Kenyan Visa for Bulgarian Citizens

Kenyan Visa for Bulgarian Citizens

Kenyan Visa for Bulgarian Citizens

Every year Bulgarian citizens travel to Kenya to enjoy the beautiful cultural encounter and fabulous natural landscape that make this country a fantastic place to visit during vacations.

Especially if you visit it in seasons like June or August where you can see the wildebeest displacement, in the Maasai Mara park, where the herds can reach 40km long, it is impressive to live it in person.

Or if you are a lover of marine life, Kenya offers you in December and April, 4 different marine areas where you can enjoy the huge amount of existing species such as crocodile fish, whale shark, lionfish, white tip sharks or turtles through diving.

However, another of the most fascinating attractions that Bulgarian citizens find in Kenya is the coexistence with the Masai warriors who will receive you with their typical dance and sometimes with a glass of milk with cow’s blood.

You can have direct contact with their culture, history, and the way they live since it is totally different from the lifestyle in Bulgaria.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and landscapes that Kenya offers every day, where through safaris you can see giraffes or elephants in their natural habitat, simply fascinating.

Requirements for a Bulgarian citizen to travel to Kenya

The first requirement is to have your e-visa to Kenya. This is a travel authorization that allows you to enter Kenya for vacation or business for a period not exceeding 90 days. The procedure to process your travel authorization is as follows:

  • You must have your valid Bulgarian passport, with a blank sheet available.
  • Have a current passport size photo scanned.
  • The return air ticket, to verify that your trip does not exceed the limit of 90 days.
  • If the trip is made for business reasons, you must attach a letter of invitation from the company to the country, together with the company’s registration, to verify that it really exists in Kenya.
  • If the trip is made for holiday reasons you must attach the information regarding your trip, such as where you will be staying and what your travel itinerary is.

The second requirement is to bring enough money to the country so you can finance your stay during the 90 days of your travel.

The third requirement, although not mandatory, is to have vaccines against hepatitis, tetanus, malaria, and yellow fever. Especially if your trip will be in rainy seasons.


Advantages of traveling using e-visa to Kenya

The main advantage is that it is easy to obtain the travel authorization since by simply filling out the online form with the previously mentioned documentation, you can be approved within 72 hours. And what is even better, it will arrive via email in PDF format.

Another advantage is that you can request your e-visa to Kenya any day of the year and at any time given as your advisors are online throughout the year.

What’s even better, because they can help you through the process and advise you about your documentation before being sent to the government. And in case you lost the travel authorization, they can resend it to you by email again.

Places you can visit with your e-visa to Kenya

Using your e-visa to Kenya you can visit the Lake Nakuru National Park and marvel at the beautiful view of pink flamingos throughout the park. Y

ou can also go to the Great Rift Valley which is a valley that covers several countries in Africa and is composed of beautiful lakes and striking volcanoes.

On the other hand, Bulgarian citizens love to cross the equator located in Kenya, which divides the land between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.

The next most visited place by tourists is the Thomson waterfall because it has a fall of more than 74 meters high, something that is certainly impressive to observe.

This waterfall is located near Nyahururu. You can go on safaris and get to know the different tribes of Kenya, but what will take your breath away is the hot air balloon ride where they serve you brunch with champagne while you can enjoy the wonderful natural landscape surrounded by wildlife that you can only see in Kenya.

Kenyan Visa for Bulgarian Citizens

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