Kenyan Visa for Cape Verdean citizens

Kenyan Visa for Cape Verdean citizens

Kenyan Visa for Cape Verdean citizens

For those who like to travel and see the world, a safari trip to Kenya definitely will broaden their horizon. Kenya is located in East Africa, and there are many kinds of rare and almost extinct wild animals in the country.

It is an animal paradise for animal lovers. If you are lucky, in addition to being able to see the green grasslands and enjoy the thrill of wild animals chasing and hunting, you can also participate in a spectacular animal migration of zebra and wildebeest from July to October.

By taking a hot air balloon to see everything clearly from the sky, you will be astonished by the mystery of mother nature.
Kenya also has abundant hydrological minerals. The well-known Tana River is the longest river in Kenya and flows into the Indian Ocean from west to east.

The most distinctive feature is that in Kenya, you can also taste the famous Swahili cooking. Swahili cooking originated from the coastal area of Kenya, which is a combination of Middle Eastern and African cuisine with tidal characteristics.

Inland regions are mainly served with charcoal or bonfire barbecue and potted mixed vegetables and corn paste products. In addition to Kenyan coffee and black tea, traditional crafts are the first choices when shopping. Travelers who like carvings and would like to have a treasure hunt trip can also enjoy the black wood carvings markets in Kenya.

e-Visa types for Cape Verdean Citizens

There are three types of Kenyan eVisa for Cape Verdean citizens

You can only use the permit to enter Kenya for one time. If you are planning to enter the country more than one time, you need to apply as many visas as your entry.

The length of the stay in Kenya is not the same, depending on the type of eVisa you get. However, the prices for the eVisa are the same, which costs 99 EUR for each application.

Transit eVisa: Travelers who are planning to travel to the next destination and do not intend to stay in Kenya longer than 72 hours are allowed to apply for a transit visa. The eVisa is valid from the date you will enter Kenya.

While submitting the form, the applicants need to provide not only the scheduled date of entry but also a copy of the passport, photo, and a copy of the ticket heading to the next country.

Tourist eVisa: No matter if you would like to explore Kenya, get to know about its nature, becoming a volunteer in animal camps or visiting families and friends for longer than 3 days to 90 days, you are eligible to apply for a tourist eVisa.

Only a copy of the passport and photo is necessary while submitting the online application.

Business eVisa: People who are invited to participate in meetings, exhibitions, sales negotiations, or guiding new cooperation, all the activities related to business, then you should submit a form for getting a business visa.

The applicants are eligible to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days. To get approval, applicants need to provide a copy of a passport, a photo, and an invitation.

Please note eVisa is not required for travelers with the age of 16 or younger. Only need to provide a valid passport to the immigration officers at the borders.

Make sure the validity of the passport is at least 6 months since the date of entry.

How to apply eVisa for Cape Verdean Citizens

Follow simple steps to apply eVisa on eVisa to Kenya, find the bottom “APPLY ONLINE FOR AN EVISA” on the homepage, select one type of eVisa that you would like to apply for, then follow the guideline to fill out the online form and submit the required documents.

After making the online payment, the result your eVisa will be sent to your email, which you provided in the form within 72 hours.
Please note that the mail address should be accurate and have the capacity to receive emails, or you may not get the information about your visa.

Sometimes, it may take longer for the Kenyan government to make the decision. Therefore, it is strongly advised to apply for eVisa as soon as possible before heading to Kenya.

enyan Visa for Cape Verdean citizens


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