Kenyan Visa for Comoran citizens

Kenyan Visa for Comoran citizens

Kenyan Visa for Comoran citizens

More and more countries decide to replace their former visa policy with the new one. After considering many options, the most convenient method for the government and the visitor is believed to be through an online platform.

There are two commonly known documents that tourists, business visitors, and those who transit through a country can obtain. The first one is being called an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA).

Holders of a valid ETA are entitled to enter a country that has issued the electronic document without having to print it out and carry with to the airport. The Kenyan government has chosen a different solution.

Their Immigration Department for years now, instead of granting regular visas, has been approving electronic visas (eVisas).

The entire process of applying for this document can be completed online. There is no need to provide any of the papers in the physical form. Once the government grants you an eVisa, you will receive an email with a pdf file, that needs to be printed out and carried with to the airport.

The customs officials will only request the applicant to provide a passport with which the applicant has applied and a valid eVisa in the physical form. A visitor who holds an approved eVisa will not be charged with any additional fees on arrival.

What kinds of online Kenyan visas are there?

Each person traveling to Kenya is obliged to apply online for additional authorization, which is called an electronic visa. The processing time of each application might take up to three working days.

If the government is going to need a bit more time to process an eVisa application, there is absolutely no reason for the applicant’s concern. Sometimes due to the amount of work that the Department of Immigration currently has, the processing time might be extended.

Such a situation doesn’t affect the decision to approve the Kenyan electronic visa for Cormoran citizens.

The types of eVisas vary depending on the selected purpose of stay in Kenya. Tourists and business visitors can obtain a document that authorizes their stay for a maximum of 90 days. The certificate once issued remains valid for 90 days.

It enables each visitor who has a valid Kenyan eVisa to cross the Kenyan border once. Those who plan on transit through the Kenyan territory must obtain a transit eVisa.

This authorization remains valid for three days (72h) from the appointed time frame, provided in the application form.

Regardless of the selected purpose of entry, eVisa must be printed out and carried with to the airport.

The document is not assigned to the applicants’ passport number and won’t be respected by the customs officials if not provided in the physical form.

What documents are required to apply only for a Kenyan visa for Comoran citizens, and where should one apply online?

The documents that are required for the applicant to provide to the government of Kenya vary depending on the selected purpose of stay.

Tourists are compelled to give only two additional documents; a copy of the passports biodata page and a photograph.

Both of them need to be attached to the online application form in the digital form, so the applicant does not need to mail the physical copies anywhere. The documents must be clear and without any glares.

All four corners of the passports’ biodata page need to be visible on the final scan, including the two bottom lines. As for the requirements regarding the photograph, it doesn’t need to be a professional photograph. It can be just a regular selfie taken on the blank background.

Those who plan on going to Kenya with business intentions should prepare to provide one additional document apart from the two ones mentioned above.

A letter of invitation from a company located in Kenyan or a copy of the company’s registration under the applicant’s name will need to be attached apart from the passport’s biodata page copy and a photograph of an applicant.

If you plan on transiting through Kenya’s territory, prepare an onward ticket that will prove that you do not intend to stay in the country territory for longer than 72 hours.

If you visit Kenya in transit purposes for longer than the mentioned time frame, you must obtain a tourist eVisa.

Now that you have learned the essential information about an electronic Kenyan visa for Comoran citizens click on the link and apply online.

Kenyan Visa for Comoran citizens

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